Get a headstart on your dream home and save years of construction with this "Customize to Completion" property.

This property is currently under construction! Crews are onsite every day, and construction is moving ahead. This is the perfect opportunity to choose your own colours and productions to suite your personal preferences and tastes.

The owner has started a new project out of province, and has decided to settle there. There's still time for agents to find interested parties to choose their own colours and finishings before the completion of this project. Colours and products have been chosen but most can be changed. Some of the current floor finishes are uniquely personalized and will change to suit.

Construction Plan Details

The home is listed at $2,400,000.00 as-is; this comes with several finishes though that are unseen. Some flooring products, stucco products, powered roll up solarium doors, and much more to discuss. This price can be negotiated down if new owner does not want any of the supplied finishes.

The current completion budges is $400,000 from its current state, using mid- to higher-end products for completion. This does not include the additional portion in full, as this is a personalized section of the home and can be altered in many ways to suit. This budget can be much less or more depending on the new owners' tastes and requirements.

As it stands, this home at Phase 1 can be completed for $2.4 million or less. This allows for a investment of having several hundred thousand in equity on move-in day or more!

Builders and designers are currently working on the home. The new owner can choose to continue working with the current designer and developer at a cost plus design or simply continue with the project themselves. In either case, the owner will be available for consultation for completion or even negotiate with the municipality to help move your project forward.

Appraisal of Phase 1 is over $2.6 million plus Phase 2 additions.

Feel free to make an appointment and bring your current builder or designer and check out the quality of construction taken place and imagine the opportunity available to you.

We will update this page as the project progresses.

Construction Material Options